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Small Towns; The future of PR

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Neither in Mumbai nor Delhi does a true India reside in her small towns and villages, so also the Indian market and so PR services. If you keep it in mind, there will be a great chance for you to trend in 2020.  

Trust me the idea is beneficent. I combined PR services with the market because I strongly feel that PR and customers' are interlinked. Survival in a competitive world depends on one's PR strategy. It's like the road maps that guide a customer to reach its goals. 

When Mr. Mukesh Ambani launched his dream project Jio, he touched every nook and every corner of the country. Jio has crossed 355 million subscribers till now. This is not because Jio has the most affordable plan but because Ambani's strategy to add the most subscribers and this is the reason of his success; because he focused on small towns and villages and ensured to reach the last user of the queue. In true sense, he presented Jio as a success formula for businesses including PR to reach it's goals. A true example for the same follows.

The Economic Times recent report also shows that small towns are becoming the driving force behind e-commerce growth in the country, therefore it's high time for PR industries to move towards small towns. I am not saying to remove the metro word from your PR dictionary but suggesting you to add small towns there because I know it will bring better prospects for you surely.

Atul Malikram

Founder of PR24x7 Network Limited

Source: India

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